Building a clean, maintainable and tested code base

An introduction into structuring a clean project and writing clean, tested code

Julian Camilleri

Best Practice Clean Code TDD Teaching

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An introduction to how to write clean code (type hinting, docstrings, inline comments et cetera) and supporting the clean code with maintainable project structure and unit tests.

Goals (with examples):

- What's clean, maintainable code? (type hinting, docstrings, inline comments et cetera)

- What's a clean, navigatable project structure?

- Should the tests package be nested into each package?

- Should my 'tests' package structure mirror the project structure? (for easy navigation of which module/package is being tested)

- (Testing) What should I test and what shouldn't I test?

- (Testing) When should I mock and when shouldn't I?

- (Testing) Writing clean test cases

- (Testing) Using pytest to utilize `parametrize` to test multiple combinations, whilst keeping a clean codebase


- Intermediate python knowledge is preferable but a good understanding of python will do.

Type: Talk (30 mins); Python level: Intermediate; Domain level: Intermediate

Julian Camilleri

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A software engineer, in love with clean code!