Conference System

This page will be updated with more details closer to the conference.

We are investigating an alternative to Zoom for our conference platform. Ideally we would like a solution that does not require the installation of a separate application and that can instead run entirely in the browser. Please check this space for updates on this topic.

Main talk tracks

We will have multiple parallel main talk tracks, where speakers will present their talks, similar to our talk rooms at the in-person event. We will also have parallel training tracks for the tutorials.

Each of the tracks will come with a chat room and an embedded widget for watching the stream. We'll aim to make it easy to navigate between the tracks.

One of the tracks will also be used for plenary sessions such as opening, keynotes, lightning talks and closing sessions.

Attendee interaction during talks

Tracks only allow speakers to present, share their screen or webcam. Attendees will have possibility to answer polls and ask questions. Questions will then be read out in the Q&A part of the session and answered live by the speakers.

We will have a chat channel associated with each track on our chat system, with moderators checking the chat for additional questions or comments.

Talk breakout channels

To enable more direct access to the speaker after a talk, we will provide separate channels on our chat system, where speakers and attendees can then meet and discuss questions or talk topics in more detail and also in a more personal way.

Helpdesks & Posters tracks

Posters will be made available on a separate poster page on this website in form of PDFs for attendees to have a look at. The poster tracks for the poster presentations and asking questions will be run in separate tracks/channels, which allow for direct interaction with the speaker via audio and video. Just like regular tracks, they will also get a breakout channel on our chat system for posting additional questions, answers and resources.

We would like to have helpdesks at EuroPython 2021; but that depends on interest from the community.

Sponsor rooms

To interact with sponsors using audo&video, we will also have sponsor rooms available.

Please stop by those rooms and say hi! We rely a lot on our sponsors to make the event happen. Some of them may even have digital swag available for you to pick up.

Open Space tracks

We will have one or two open space tracks at the conference, where attendees can schedule their own sessions and then run them on our infrastructure. There will be a scheduling sheet on Google Drive to setup the register sessions, which we will make available via a link on our chat server.



Attendees can join the tracks via links we will make available directly from a Chromium based browser. It is even possible to join multiple tracks by opening them in separate browser tabs or windows.


We will publish guidelines for speakers on how to prepare and set up their system for the conference closer to the event.