Python in a world of Pan-Africanism

Abigail Dogbe

Community Conferences and Meet-Ups python

See in schedule: Wed, Jul 28, 17:15-18:00 CEST (45 min)

The use of Python in Africa is widely spread daily. In this talk, I will take you on a journey of what Python means to us in a Pan-African setting, lessons learned from organizing PyCon Africa, the people behind it, challenges we are facing and reflections on what works in our ecosystem.

Type: Talk (45 mins); Python level: Beginner; Domain level: Beginner

Abigail Dogbe

Abigail is an IT professional from Accra in Ghana who loves programming and the power that it can put in people's hands - especially those people who have less power of their own to begin with. She wants to help do more of that, and is confident that the Python community can help achieve it.

Abigail is the lead of PyLadies in Ghana, a recipient of a PSF Community Service Award and she has served on the organising teams of both PyCon Ghana and PyCon Africa. She believes that women, technology and education need to come together as strongly as possible, and will do whatever she can to help create a future in which they do.