Build Data Entry User Interfaces with JSON Schema

It is so much easier than writing custom Javascript code.

Christopher Lozinski

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Historically JSON Schema was used to validate data on both the client and the server. More recently, many JSON Schema libraries can be used to define the user interface. These interface automatically report validation errors, manipulate arrays of data, and some even support nested data. It is so much easier for a Python developer to use a JSON Schema baed editor than it is to write custom Javascript code.

The class starts with a short lecture about JSON Schema. We review the history, the data types, the libraries, and show some demos.
First, an elegant multi-language editor is shown. Then a very complex Politician editor is shown.. The rest of class is spent actually building interfaces. There will be a series of exercises demonstrating different aspects of the json-editor library. The exercises will mostly be independent of each other, so if you fall behind on one item, you can still move ahead.

By the end of this class you should know enough to select which JSON Schema library is best for your needs, and you should have the basics to build your own schemas.

No need to install anything All work is done in the browser.

Type: Training (180 mins); Python level: Beginner; Domain level: Beginner

Christopher Lozinski


Christopher Lozinski is an MIT graduate, serial entrepreneur, dual US-EU citizen, and polyglot. Instead of seeking Venture Capital, he moved from Silicon Valley to Poland. The Forest Wiki is a web based development environment, perfect for teaching.