Getting Started with Statically Typed Programming in Python 3.10

Yoichi Takai

Best Practice Development Python general Software Design Type-Hinting

See in schedule: Thu, Jul 29, 10:30-11:15 CEST (45 min) Download/View Slides

## Goals of this session

- Basic usage of type hint
- What's new in 3.10's typing modules
- Best practice for developing with type hint

## Detail

I'll talk about static-typing programming in Python with the "typing" standard module.
In 2015, it appeared in Python 3.5, but it has only become common in the last few years.
However, over the years, there have been several big PEPs adopted and updated.
Even now, I think many people **don't know where to start** because there is little coherent information.

I'll also talk about this:

- Improving developing experiences throw taking advantage of the typing inference engine
- Perspectives on code reviews.

I have been

- Used type hints for almost two years in production
- Learned Haskell and typescript

Let me introduce the audiences to type hints based on those experiences.

The timeline of the talk is:

1. Self-introduction, Overview of this session [5min]
2. Why do I talk about typing? [5min]
3. Introduction of typing, How to write basically **(Most significant)** [10min]
4. Generics, User-Defined types (Best practice included) [10min]
5. Backward compatibility for 3.9 or before [5min]
6. Updates overview on 3.10 [10min]

## Technical Requirements for audience

- Basic knowledge of Python 3.x grammar
- Experiences developing in statically typed language
- Optional, not required

Type: Talk (45 mins); Python level: Intermediate; Domain level: Beginner

Yoichi Takai

CMScom Inc.

Twenty years old, but not a university student. Fascinated by Haskell's type system, and started studying type hints in Python.
Also, the staff at PyCon JP Association. Annually PyCon JP (since 2020: Goods & Web Design team's leader, 2021: On-site Venue, Sponsor representative), and Director of PyCon JP TV (YouTube Live)