Building a practical Slack bot with Python & FastAPI

Improving your internal workflow by creating a custom Slack bot for your specific needs.

Radoslav Georgiev

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Slack is a great tool for team communications, and sometimes, we want to fit our existing company workflows and needs within it.

Best case scenario - you can do stuff with other systems, without ever leaving Slack.

The usual approach is - “Is there a Slack bot that can do X?” and you start looking for existing solutions.

And what happens in most of the cases is, you install a random app that kind-of covers your needs, but also adds a ton of other stuff that you don’t need.

And you miss a great opportunity to customize things to better fit your company / culture.

It turns out that you can quickly build your own Slack bot to fit your own specific needs!

In this training, we’ll explore:

- How to handle bot mentions and replies, using FastAPI.
- How to talk back with Slack.
- How to test your bot so you can make sure everything works smoothly.
- How to have some fun implementing the different bot behaviors!

Goals of this training:

- Show how to easily spin your own Slack bot with Python!
- Explore FastAPI along the way.

The training is beginner friendly.

Type: Training (180 mins); Python level: Beginner; Domain level: Beginner

Radoslav Georgiev


Currently running HackSoft, a Python & Django focused development shop.

Currently running the "Python 101 Forever" course at HackBulgaria, which is aimed to preparing folks for their first programming job.

A programmer from ~10 years, studied Computer Science in the Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics, Sofia University.

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