Speedrunning Web Development: A Full Stack App in 10 minutes

Build a fully featured web app from scratch using nothing but Python!

Eli Holderness

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See in schedule: Mon, Jul 26, 13:15-14:45 CEST (90 min)

In this workshop, we'll each build and deploy a fully featured web app from scratch. Using Anvil, the platform for full-stack web development with nothing but Python (including the client code!), we'll go from `hello world` to production-ready in record time.

We'll start by building a simple online feedback form, and walk through each part of the development process - the drag-and-drop builder, writing client and server code, setting up our database - ending up with a full-stack app that's ready for use. This only takes about 10 minutes for an experienced Anvil developer, so we'll get through it in no time! Then we can extend our app in some fun directions: user authentication, generating PDFs, and more. We'll also have plenty of time along the way to talk about the framework, how it functions, and explain what's going on under the hood.

Anvil is an open-source framework for building and hosting web apps using nothing but Python. We'll be using the hosted version at anvil.works, so deployment is a one-click process, and we can focus on the Dev and not the Ops.

This session is aimed at anyone with an interest in web development, and while attendees should be comfortable with basic Python, they definitely need not be experts! No question is too basic, and even novice programmers will be able to take home a working, useful app after 3 hours, live on the internet with a permanent URL. Accompanying materials will also be provided, so nobody gets left behind.

Type: Training (180 mins); Python level: Beginner; Domain level: Beginner

Eli Holderness


Eli has been writing Python since graduating 5 years ago, and has worked in industries ranging from telecoms to analog circuit design to biotech. Now, they're helping reshape the world of web development as a Developer Advocate at Anvil - a.k.a., being paid to build cool things and be loud online. They love Python for its accessibility, versatility and power.

In their spare time, they like to knit, play video games, and hang out with their cat.