Finding Magic in Python

Anna-Lena Popkes

Beginners Data Structures Education Fun and Humor Learning

See in schedule: Thu, Jul 29, 14:15-15:00 CEST (45 min) Download/View Slides

This talk was inspired by a personal project I worked on a while ago where I created my own magical universe in order to learn and apply Python concepts I hadn’t used before. Some of these concepts are included in the talk in a clear, precise and well-explained manner, including examples from the magical universe. The talk tells a story about how our passions can be used for learning to create something magical.

Level: The talk is suited both for beginners and intermediates. It might even contain some new knowledge for professionals.

Required knowledge: Only basic Python knowledge is required, all other concepts will be introduced and explained clearly in the talk.

The goal of the talk is two-fold:
a) the audience should understand that learning becomes much more fun and engaging when they look for a topic they are interested in and use it for learning.
b) the presented Python features should become clear such that everyone is able to use them in future projects or come back to the talk if they need a well-explained reference.

Type: Talk (45 mins); Python level: Beginner; Domain level: Beginner

Anna-Lena Popkes

inovex GmbH

Anna-Lena Popkes stumbled across programming and machine learning in her graduate studies. Since then she hasn't looked back and is using Python everyday - either at work or in her personal projects. She blogs at and is the author of a popular machine learning repository for beginners ( which she started before joining the AI residence program at Microsoft Research in Cambridge, UK. Anna-Lena is passionate about learning and how to best share knowledge with her peers. She is currently working as a machine learning engineer at inovex in Germany.