Genetic Algorithms: Better optimisation with Darwinian Principles

Learn how genetic-algorithms, can effectively help generate music to forecast financial markets.

Neeraj Pandey

Algorithms Data

Genetic Algorithms, a nature-inspired approach to optimization, is a fast way to find a good optimized solution without checking each and every possibility. The talk takes the audience into a small history of genetics and how Darwinian principles of selection, heredity, and variations are used in modern computing to optimize the most complex artificial intelligence and life with real-life examples ranging from solving the knapsack problem to forecasting financial markets.

Type: Talk (45 mins); Python level: Beginner; Domain level: Intermediate

Neeraj Pandey

Ashoka University

Neeraj is a junior student at Ashoka University where he is pursuing Computer Science. He's interested in Generative Art, Software Development, and Quantitative Finance. In his free time, he loves to play frisbee, write poems, and contribute to open-source. Most of his open-source contributions go into mentoring students with their first contributions to the Drupal community and volunteering for PyData Delhi where he helps organizing conferences and meetups.