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Apps + hardware designed by women to make tech more inclusive for girls!

Paula Dozsa

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See in schedule: Wed, Jul 28, 13:00-14:00 CEST (60 min) Download/View Slides

imagiLabs is an EdTech startup based in Stockholm, on a mission to equip and empower girls to engage with tech. We created the imagiCharm, a programmable smart accessory, so that code and be brought to life and shown off! The imagiLabs app (iOS, Android, and web) is a truly social, inclusive platform for teenage girl coders to develop their skills. We also partner with schools, non-profits, and coding companies to bring groups of students our innovative coding curriculum.

This 1 hour virtual session takes coders from lighting up one pixel at a time to making colorful animations in the imagiLabs app. Ideal for kids 8-16, but truly fun for all ~ learn the basics of Python with our creative coding tools!

Type: Interactive (60 mins); Python level: Beginner; Domain level: Beginner

Paula Dozsa


Paula started working part-time with imagiLabs in the fall of 2018, after graduating with a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science from New York University Abu Dhabi. After realizing she was more excited about her part-time job than her full-time job in Hong Kong, she moved to Stockholm in the summer of 2019 to join the team as a co-founder and Lead Developer. Paula has previously worked as a software engineer at Google and Goldman Sachs, and having often been the only woman in the room, is passionate about bringing more women to the tech table. Paula's responsibilities include overseeing and contributing to the development of the iOS, Android and web imagiLabs apps, as well as contributing to other areas of the company, such as the development of learning content and marketing efforts. Paula is originally from Romania.