A Tale Of Python C Extensions And Cross-Platform Wheels

Let's write a Python C extension using pybind11 and package it by building cross-platform wheels.

Vinayak Mehta

CPython Development Packaging PyPi Tooling

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Have you ever wondered why Python is referred to as CPython and what it looks like under the hood? Come to this talk and find out! We'll briefly take a look at what Python's source looks like, how it exposes a C-API using which we can extend its functionality, and how we can write Python C extensions using pybind11.

Okay now that we have written our Python C extension, how do we package it so that users on all major operating systems can easily install it using pip? We'll take a look at how we can build cross-platform wheels for Linux, macOS, and Windows and automatically push them to PyPI!

Type: Talk (30 mins); Python level: Beginner; Domain level: Intermediate

Vinayak Mehta


Working on open source tools.