Simple, open, music recommendations


Sam Thursfield


See in schedule: Fri, Jul 30, 15:45-16:15 CEST (30 min) Download/View Slides

Can simple open source tools compete with the music recommendations provided by Spotify and other big names?

This talk will look at how the open source world can stay relevant in a world where music listening has become dependent on commercial streaming services and users expect an element of recommendations. Expect to see small-tech solutions for music recommendations based around GNOME's Tracker search engine and the open, community-powered database Musicbrainz.

Type: Talk (30 mins); Python level: Intermediate; Domain level: Beginner

Sam Thursfield

Codethink Ltd.

Sam Thursfield is a long time Python developer and GNOME Foundation member. He currently works for Codethink Ltd.

Besides hacking in Python, his interests include music making and rock climbing. He continues to learn from his old mistakes while also making new ones.