An Introduction to Kubernetes ☸️

Markus Holtermann

DevOps general Infrastructure Operations

See in schedule: Wed, Jul 28, 11:30-12:00 CEST (30 min)

Every other job opening for an IT position mentions Kubernetes. But unless you’ve worked with Kubernetes or seen it in action, you probably only have a vague idea of what it is, what it does and can do, or how to use it. And that’s understandable. It’s this big, abstract, software, that is supposed to “solve all the problems”. In this talk I’ll go through some of the concepts Kubernetes has. We’ll approach these by deploying a Django application, with the intent, that next time somebody asks you, “Do you know Kubernetes?”, you can confidently answer “Yes!”.

Type: Talk (30 mins); Python level: Beginner; Domain level: Beginner

Markus Holtermann


Markus Holtermann works as a back-end and infrastructure engineer at micro-biolytics. He has been a Django core contributor since early 2015. He is a member of the Django security and operations team as well as an organizer of DjangoCon conferences. Markus has been a project lead at the German community support platform where he discovered Python and Django in 2010.