Sylvain Marié

Sylvain Marié
Ai researcher, Analytics industrializer, Python enthusiast. I strive for Continuous Simplification.
Grenoble, France
Schneider Electric
Job title:
Research Engineer - Analytics & Cloud Platforms
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Sylvain received his General Engineering degree from CentraleSupelec (Paris) and a MSc in Machine Learning from UCL (London) in 2005 - with awards for his thesis on Automated Medical Diagnosis using Semi-Supervised Learning. He joined Schneider Electric as an embedded software engineer, to imagine how industrial gateways could leverage SOA/M2M/Web2.0. His work within EU-funded innovation projects was published and transferred into industrial IoT offers.

In 2010, Sylvain joined an energy efficiency program for tertiary buildings, leading Monitoring & Analytics topics. He developped a platform used for BI and Visual Analytics prototypes. He opened collaborations with major universities and labs and assessed key technology partners.

Since 2013 Sylvain is leading projects spanning from AI Research [1] to Analytics-as-a-Service industrialization in multiple market segments, with production targets such as the various Schneider Electric EcoStruxure Advisors [2] and the Exchange [3]. He was the supervisor of four PhD students, animates an internal group of python users, and is an active contributor to the broader Open Source python community, through both flagship libs (scikit-learn, nox, pytest...) or his own libraries (pyfields, pytest-cases, makefun...) [4]. Finally since 2020 Sylvain gives a small "datascience with python" course for Masters students.