Irina Grechikhina

Irina Grechikhina
python and nagging
Moscow, Russia
Job title:
backend Python developer
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I wrote the first line of Python code 10 years ago. Began as a manual tester, became a QA team lead over time, and finally moved to backend Python development. I love doing educational projects and bringing knowledge (made an algorithm and data structure course for beginners, running a Telegram channel with tips and tricks on Python and Linux). I'm talking about Sentry every time I have the opportunity (PyCon KG 2018, PyCon ZA 2019, IWD Moscow 2020), because, without monitoring, you can't build a reliable web application. Love it when everything is automated, covered with tests and metrics, and holds high loads. I know the difference between 150 ms and 50 ms, can count the load, optimize and make the backend in Python fast, reliable and requiring a minimum amount of resources.

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