Christian Burger

Christian Burger
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Head of Development Austria
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Born and raised in Vienna. I have studied Astronomy and Mathematics to find out that I really like Software Development and after graduating I started at Siemens in VoIP programming in C/C++ and JAVA before switching to Project and Team Management. I have worked in US, China, Switzerland, and Germany, and in my beloved Austria.
From first exposure to Agile I was hooked and never looked back to Waterfall Style Projects.
Having led team's of various sizes I took over VisoTech's development department in 2017 and after the acquisition by Trayport the Trayport Austria Development.
I enjoy programming with Python on various projects and working with my teams to get the best values for our customers.
I am married and have two sons. I like to travel (now again), sports (lifting weights), hiking, skiing, reading, ...